Importing consistently poses new challenges to all involved. Globalisation is removing some hurdles, but there are still many risks. Even looking for a suitable business partner for a specific product is time-consuming and risky. Carrying out imports down to the last detail is a complex process in which making mistakes can cost a great deal of time and money.

We will find the right business partner for you and coordinate the entire process by supporting you with the following services:

Competitive prices

We offer our customers direct price comparisons and competitive prices. Our suppliers receive feedback from us concerning their offers.

Market expertise, product safety and flexibility

Over the years, we have gained a great deal of expertise and remain in constant contact with our suppliers. This keeps us informed of harvest outlook, price trends and the availability of raw materials for the respective products. As a result, we can react quickly and flexibly to market developments and can keep our customers in the loop. We will also gladly advise our customers on their respective products in terms of shelf life, ingredients and market trends, thereby supporting them in their choice of a suitable product.

Supplier brands and customer own-brands

We offer our customers the opportunity to package products under their own brand, or to select a brand from one of our suppliers.

Quality, country of origin and type of packaging

We always make sure that we meet our customers’ needs as closely as possible in terms of quality, country of origin, and type and size of packaging.

Written contract

On the basis of agreed business conditions, we draw up a written contract between the customer and the supplier and ensure that it is executed reliably and smoothly.

We are the point of contact and broker between our customers and suppliers for all issues.