Gold Reef Langeberg

Langeberg: Taste the Cape

From a 1940 founded agricultural CO-OP; Langeberg & Ashton Foods has become South Africa’s largest producer of canned fruits and fruit purees. 75 years of history; a stormy, but successful development. Since 2011 Langeberg & Ashton Foods is a 100% subsidiary of Tiger Brands, which is the leading branded food and personal care company in South Africa.

As the leading employer in the region Langeberg & Ashton Foods takes its social responsibility very seriously – a corporate social investment program supports surrounding schools, retirement homes and feeding schemes in the Ashton area. L&AF has a fully fledged preschool assisting mothers who work in our factories on a daily basis. As a member of Sedex, the database reflects L & AF as a company working according to the principles of ethical and socially sustainable production.

To ensure the freshness and best quality, 95% of L&AF´s produce is sourced within a 150km radius of its factories. From planting till delivery L&AF undertakes rigorous inspections, to ensure its high level quality and product safety. The production plants are HACCP, IFS and BRC certified and ensure a 100% traceability of each can.

L&AF hand picked product range includes apricots, peaches, pears as well as fruit cocktail. Grown in the sun-filled valleys of the Western Cape with an average of over 200 days of sunshine each year the fruits are characterized by their flavour, the unique colour and texture. These hallmarks make the products of L&AF ideally suited for the discerning customer as well as for the catering industry, where presentation and flavour are of special importance.

With its brands Goldreef and Silverleaf, known for their high level of quality, L&AF has agency representation  in over 40 international markets. The same quality is provided to buyer´s own brands.

L&AF was the first brand supplier, which our trading  agency had under contract since inception. Therefore we share with L&AF a long term successful business relationship. The Goldreef brand has a long Austrian history and is well known in the trade as a quality brand. Important retail chains have also sourced their private label demand from L&AF via our agency for 40 years.  Our agency has the exclusivity for Austria and Hungary. For Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia, we gladly process your requests for both the L & AF brands as well as buyer’s brand.

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