Dole  “We have built this company on quality, and quality, and quality”
– James Drummond Dole.


In 1901, James Drummond Dole, a Harvard graduated student with a Degree in business and horticulture, launched the first pineapple plantation in Hawaï. He quickly developed a technique of canning the fresh and juicy pineapples and dedicated his company to quality. Today, Dole cans offer the natural taste of sweet, golden, 100% pineapple fruit in slices or crunchy pieces, all year long.

The company remains true to the principles of James Drummond Dole. The Dole brand stands for healthy, high-quality and competitively priced products. To ensure this, the company responds quickly to the demands of the market and places its focus on innovative and sustainable production methods with outstanding performance and team work.

Dole takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. Therefore, the company has developed a comprehensive programme to ensure they live up to this responsibility – from health care for its employees to a rural education program.

Furthermore, the Dole growing and production facilities in the Philipinnes have been a proud member of the Rainforest Alliance since 2013, an international non-profit organisation. The Rainforest Alliance standards serve to maintain biodiversity, strengthen workers’ rights and improve the living conditions of their families and the community.

The Dole brand features the “Tropical Gold Pineapple” Rainforest Alliance seal to show its commitment to these issues. Under the brand, “Tropical Gold Pineapple”, Dole has been producing the uniquely high-quality “Gold Pineapple” since 2007, an absolute premium product in the fresh fruit sector as well as a canned variety.

Dole Packaged Foods is a global market leader for fruit, vegetables and healthy convenience products – starting with the growing process, through to packaging and marketing. Their product range encompasses cans and plastic cups, through to pouches for retail trade, catering and industry.


Dole and our trading agency Transagent-Lehag have a long and fruitful history together. For around two decades, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the unique quality of Dole canned fruits is available in all its varieties on supermarket shelves in the countries we represent. Our agency represents Dole Packaged Foods in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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