Mutti –  A family. A passion. Tomatoes. 

Since 1899, the Mutti family has been processing tomatoes in the Emilia region, near to Parma with a great deal of passion. A passion for exclusively Italian tomatoes and particularly stringent monitoring of the entire production chain: starting with the selection of the most suitable tomato varieties, inspecting the growing fields through to harvesting and packaging. The Mutti family has a rich history and is known for innovation and quality – for example, Mutti came up with the idea of putting tomato purée into tubes. Another innovative product that Mutti introduced to the market was finely chopped tomatoes. Mutti is the first company to have been awarded the seal of approval “Produzione integrata certificata” (certified integrated farming) for its entire production chain. Today, Mutti works in close cooperation with WWF Italy which inspects all their tomatoes to analyse and reduce their carbon footprint and water usage across their entire production chain.

“Our mission is to grow the tomato in its finest form”

This phrase captures the essence of the Mutti company: Mutti is the first brand producer to exclusively process tomatoes. It all started with a farm and then the passion of one family made it into an internationally recognised company which has guaranteed top quality products for more than a century.

Mutti and our trading agency have many years of successful collaboration under their belts. We have been successfully representing the Mutti brand on the Austrian and German market for around three decades and it is now hard to imagine supermarket shelves without the famous Mutti products.

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